Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday, Monday

It's Monday. And I was almost late to work because I almost missed my light rail train. That was because I was having troubles with my car. My - NEW - car. Which is a manual (aka stick-shift, aka type-of-car-I've -never-owned-in-my-life) and so I was driving more cautiously. And slower. And with more unexpected stops at stop signs. But OH MY GOSH IS IT FUN! I love that car. (Which car? This car:

New Car

Anyway, that's one thing I did over the weekend. Bought a new car.

Another thing I did over the weekend was go to a wedding. And I brought my sock. (No, not to the ceremony, but that will be addressed on Thursday.) And I knit a bit in the car, and took a traveling sock photo while waiting for the bridal party to arrive at the reception. (Only to find out later that we'd been expected to stay for the wedding photos, even though we figured that we were distant enough family that we thought we shouldn't.)

Mini Monkey - Sock @ SF Bay

But the sock had fun. It got to lounge on the rocks by the San Francisco Bay, looking out from the Berkeley shore to the City. Lovely view, too. No fog to speak of (except far out), nice cool breeze... in short, California showing off. I love it here. (Until I look at my budget. But that's another story.)

Anyway, within a few days I expect to have finished Icarus photos to show you. Or at least beaded Icarus photos. (I'm putting beads on the edging. Mim mentioned how somewhere on her blog, for those of you who - like me - purchased the pattern by way of Interweave Knits, and so don't have the beading instructions. I had a link here somewhere. Either look through my 'Icarus' category, or do a search on Mim's site.) It will almost certainly not be a BLOCKED Icarus until this weekend. At the earliest.

Have a good week!