Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thursday Thirteen 08.02.07 (#3)

Thirteen Books Near the Top of my TBR (To Be Read) List

  1. Thief of Lives by Barb & JC Hendee (read #1 - Dhampir - and enjoyed it, so am continuing on with the series)
  2. Doppleganger by Marie Brennan (recommended by several people, and the cover looks cool)
  3. Winds of Change (Mage Winds #2) by Mercedes Lackey (I just re-read #1, so I want to re-read the rest of them)
  4. The Summer Knight (Dresden #4) by Jim Butcher (Why not? Though I'm not so hooked on this series as several people I know.)
  5. Heat Stroke (Weather Warden #2) by Rachel Caine (because the first one - Ill Wind - was so awesome)
  6. Dark Need (Darkyn #3) by Lynn Viehl (enjoyed the first two, so want to continue the series... seems to be a trend, doesn't it?)
  7. The Dream Thief (drakon #2) by Shana Abe (because - you guessed it - the first one was awesome)
  8. The Sherwood Game by Esther Friesner (been a long time since I read it originally, but I remember loving it)
  9. Ironfire by David Ball (I was doing research on the Knights of Malta and found this fiction book. Now, I know that this is fiction and not the non-fiction I was hoping for, but it still sounded interesting.)
  10. Lover Unbound (BDB #5 - V's story) by JR Ward (Because. And yes I know it's not released yet, but when it is, it's mine. And I will read it that day, if I can.)
  11. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde (which has been near the top of my TBR list for some time now, and still hasn't been read...)
  12. The Knights Templar by Stephen Howarth (technically this is on the CBR - Currently Being Read - list, but I really want to finish it and not just skim it like I so often do with non-fiction)
  13. The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper (because I remember loving it and now they're making it into a movie! Now I just need to decide if I want to see the movie first, or re-read the book first...)

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