Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday 13 ~ 8.9.07 (#4)

Thirteen Things I Love About the Coast

  1. It's Nature's air conditioning.
  2. The sound of the ocean.
  3. Watching the waves break on the cliffs.
  4. The smell of sea-spray.
  5. The ocean looks like it goes on forever.
  6. Seals, sea-lions, sea otters and dolphins.
  7. Walking on the beach at sunset with a loved one.
  8. I haven't found many places as peaceful, nor as inspiring.
  9. Horseback rides along the beach are quite fun.
  10. People watching.
  11. Coastal fog on a summer morning, before it burns off in the afternoon.
  12. Anyone can feel rich and lazy - at least for an afternoon - when spending time on the beach.
  13. Though I am incredibly sick of the "Footprints" poem/parable, while standing alone at the coast I do feel very close to God.

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