Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Writing Weds 8.15.07

So, I had planned to assess my writing goals today, and set goals for the rest of the month. Here is the status of what I had originally planned to get done by today:

  • Edit up to page 100 of AD for Phoenix.
Well, I didn't. I got through page 70, though, which is more work on it than I did all last month (and maybe the month before). And that's not half bad.

  • Work up a line-for-scene for the entirety of SS (preparatory to doing the Major Edit I've been procrastinating).
I didn't get this done, either. But I have thought up some new scenes and some scene modifications, so my brain is at least working on the story fixes.
  • Do two (2) critiques on the OWG.
Yay! I did this one!
  • Post my own chapter on the OWG.
Yay! I did this one, too!

Okay, and so my goals for the next two weeks (aka the rest of the month):
  1. Do two (2) more OWG critiques.
  2. NOW get through pave 100 of AD edited for Phoenix.
  3. And get the line-for-scene for SS done.
Based on the amount of work SS is going to need, I think that's enough of a goal for two weeks. Especially since my personal preference is not to to 2 critiques, but as many as are posted in my group plus a critique for anyone else who critiques my chapter. That could be a small number, or a big one... usually it's fairly big. We have a nice, active OWG group.

Happy hump day!