Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend Warriors

The sock went traveling over the weekend. (The sock in question is the Mini Monkey from the TOFUtsies yarn.) (And yes, I went traveling with it.)

We went down from Northern California to So Cal, by way of the Grapevine.

Sock @ Grapevine

It was hot, but not nearly so hot as it could have been. And hey - it's California. Hot in the summertime is expected. We went visiting (M has family there) and playing (yay Downtown Disney!) and also went to the Rose Bowl. The whole purpose of the trip (besides visiting family) was to go see the DCI* finals. We got to spend around 4 hours sitting in warm California summer evening weather, watching colorful flags and costumes, listening to horns and the drumline. Ah, contentment.

And then, when all was said and done, the corps we were rooting for won. Yay! Go Blue Devils!

Sock @ Hollywood

I had a blast. (Heh. Pun intended.) And then on Sunday the sock and I went to Tommy Burger (where the sock did not take a picture in order to avoid getting chili all over) and then home by way of Hollywood. Very nice, mostly relaxing trip.

And that was my weekend. How was yours?

(*DCI = Drum Corps International. I am a marching band junkie, and proud of it.)