Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Writing Weds ~ 8.22.07

Nothing much to say, writing-wise. I know: this is bad of me. I should have progress. I should have updates.

Well, I have done things. I have been working on the AD crit for Phoenix. I have been ... um. Yeah. Not so much in the writing department.

To distract you, here is a Suzy picture! Yay for cute cats!

Silly Suzy

Also, I cast off my Icarus shawl last night! I'm very excited about that, even though it took me well over an hour to do so. (Non-pointy bamboo needles aren't the best for knitting lace. Especially the bind off. Just so you know.) I expect to block it tonight, since I am so excited and long to have it done, and I will have pictures once I have blocked it. Not until then. Sorry. You'll just have to wait.

That's all for now. Happy hump day!