Thursday, May 3, 2007

Around the Blog ~*~ 5/3/07

Blue Mouse 01
Come back to me later, Mom. I’m hunting.

Since Suzy’s busy, we’ll take a look at the blog-o-sphere.

Charlie’s going voting. Grumperina wants to be prodded. Molecular Knitting is having a blog-moving contest, Spincerely has over 1000 comments, and Mari’s seeing shadows in places where I don’t.

Wendy has posted a new sock knitting pattern. The Harlot is done with the big pink thing (but no pictures yet), Naomi goes urban, and PBW discusses reading preferences. Nerd Knits is giving me an error message. (Waah!) Gandalf is cozy at home and the P-Man sleeps on yarn.

That’s enough links for today, I think. Now let’s check on Suzy’s hunting prowess.

Blue Mouse 02
Mmrph. I’m a good hunter, Mom. Watch me kill this toy mouse. -Suzy

Better the mouse than my foot, Suz. -me