Friday, May 4, 2007

Mark That Stitch!

Look what arrived in yesterday's mail:

Stitch Markers 01

Pretty new stitch markers from Hide and Sheep's Etsy shop. Aren't they nice? And when you add two of them (there are six in the set) to the Blood Diamond sock, you get a sock-face. Look. Can't you see it? The markers are the eyes, and the part of the toe where the pattern starts puckers in a bit and looks like a nose...

Blood Diamond 08 & Stitch Markers

Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees this. I already suspect that I may be going slightly insane.

The dangle-free stitch markers weren't the only thing I bought from Hide and Sheep, though. I also bought sheep.

Icarus Shawl 07 & Sheep Markers

The sheep (set of four) are on Icarus. The white crochet cotton is my lifeline, and everything above the lifeline is chart #2. I love the subtle way the pattern started changing. It's great. Much fun to knit.

Anyway, I suppose I should finish up the work week by actually doing work at work, so I'll get back to it. Hope you all have a great weekend!