Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Ooops - So, Writing Content

Writer’s Five for 5.09.07
from the writers_five LiveJournal community

Oops. So I was supposed to post writing content today. And I forgot. So here’s writing content that I post elsewhere, reposted here too.

1 - Who is your character’s confidante? At the moment, either Scott (her BF and work partner) or Rich, her brother.

2 – What color would you paint your (character’s) nemesis’ bedroom? White. Stark white. With no decoration, or wall hangings, or anything.

3 – Who is your character’s favorite artist? She doesn’t have one. She’s not into art, much.

4 – Is she a disappointment to anyone, or is someone proud of her for her accomplishments? Why? Her parents are proud of her because she’s out in the world doing good things, but they don’t really understand her. It’s hard to, when she’s a magic user and they’re not, and there’s a whole secret sub-culture of the magic users.

5 – What sort of place spooks her? Why? Consciously? Nothing. She’s out there to Save The World, so she’s “no scared of anything.” In reality? A place where she has trouble being in control, like a place where she doesn’t speak the language (and therefore doesn’t always know what’s going on - hard to be in control if you don’t know what’s happening) or where everyone else has more power than her. So not so much a place as a situation.

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Project specs:
Title code:
RS (sequel to SS)
Theme: In which Cynthia and Scott travel to Germany on a “vacation” which turns into a search for the impossible: a werewolf and the perfect engagement ring.
Protagonist name: Cynthia
Protagonist characteristics: as a Watcher, is part of a group of magic-users who acts as a disaster response team. She likes excitement on the job, but hasn’t been trained to deal with anything like what she experienced in SS. She’s now trying to train herself, but keep it hidden from her superiors.