M and I went on an explore on Monday for Memorial Day. Well, not really *for* Memorial Day, you understand, but more because it was a lovely day and we didn’t have to work, and we felt like exploring. So we ended up here:


Very nice. Very calm and peaceful. Very dry compared to what the park map said it should have been. But that’s what happens when it doesn’t rain as much as it should.

~ * ~

Rachel Vincent is having a contest! Her new book, STRAY, is released today, and that’s just exciting. I love seeing debut novels. One of these days we’ll be celebrating my debut novel. Eventually. Once I finish editing it, and sub it, and … Right. Rachel.

So, Stray sounds like a fun book. It has werekitties instead of werewolves. (I like kitties better than wolves. So that’s a point in its favor even though I haven’t read it yet.) On her website, she has an excerpt from the book, She’s a fan of Kelley Armstrong, whose books I love, so that’s another point in her favor. I plan to get this one and check it out, though I only heard about it this morning. (Thanks, Ez!)

~ * ~

Holiday weekends used to be for exciting things, for trips and vacations and action.

Now they are for naps.

Sleeping Suz

They are still wonderful, don’t get me wrong. (Children don’t appreciate the value of naps.) The focus has just changed. I start to wonder if this shift in focus has anything to do with the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of several years ago, or with the dramatic increase in gas prices, and I find myself thinking that while it may affect some people’s decision to stay home more, it doesn’t affect mine.

For me, I just don’t have as big a need to go places and do things to feel fulfilled. Yes, vacations are nice and I like to see new things. But they’re an added bonus and not a requirement.

A lazy day spent with family and friends. Good food. A pretty view. A sleepy cat. Those are just as important as anything else I could spend my holiday doing.