The surprising thing about young fools is how many survive to become old fools.
- Doug Larson

Blue Mouse - Killed 08
“Look, Mom! I killed it! A present for you for your birthday!” -Suzy

“Gee, thanks Suz.” -me

So, as a reminder, these are the last days to comment on my Birthday Blog-Bash for a chance to win prizes. Besides, it’s nice to comment.

Blue Mouse - Killed 09
“You don’t mind if I eat its head, do you?” -S

Besides Suzy’s present for me, I got myself a nice present, too. I figured what the hey. So I bought myself some scrumptious sock yarn. Blue Moon STR Silkies in the Lunasea colorway. Nice to look at, nice to pet, and I imagine that it will be nice to knit up as well. But I’m making myself wait until I’ve finished both the pairs of socks currently on the needles before I start this yarn up.

Stash 03

Stash 02

Cats & Silkies Yarn 02
“What is it? Mom hasn’t brought me a toy like this before.” -Suzy

“That’s a toy for her, cousin. She won’t want you to play with it - but it’s a Kitty Law that all yarn-type toys must be played with by the kitties even if their parents say no.” -Peekaboo