Wednesday, May 9, 2007


It’s the pre-lunch thoughts of food! Yay!

Tongue 01
Mom, why are you talking about food? You’re making me hungry.

When I used to work at the library, one particular co-worker and I often worked evening shifts together. And inevitably when it got to be about a half-hour to closing, we’d start talking about food. She and I suffered through many a Chinese food craving while stuck behind the check-out counter.

But it was fun.

Now, at my current job, I have snacks with me. I’m at the front desk, though, so they have to be unobtrusive snacks. No microwave popcorn for me. No, I munch on things like dried fruit, teddy grahams (yummy AND bite sized! Win-win!), and Chex mix (it’s in the quarter vending machine… what can I say?). I try to be healthy, and given that I could be munching on M&Ms (yummy chocolate…) I think I’m not doing too badly.

Suzy, on the other hand, munches on Girl Scout cookies.

When she can get them.

Which, if my niece is dropping them ON THE FLOOR, is often.

Tongue 02
Mmmmm… Girl Scout cookies…

Go away, Mom, I’m dreaming of cookies.

Yup. Dreaming of cookies. She's my cat, alright.