Monday, May 14, 2007

For A Cause

The glow of one warm thought is to me worth more than money.
~Thomas Jefferson

Once again I call upon my fellow knitters (and everyone else) to contribute to a cause. This time, it’s Knitters Against MS. Claudia (the blog owner in the link) is doing a bike ride to raise funds to fight Multiple Sclerosis. I plan on donating some money tomorrow, after I get paid.

A really incredible friend of mine once had MS. She was the sweetest person I think I have ever known, and sadly I lost touch with her about six years ago, not long after she was diagnosed with MS. I have no idea how she is doing today, whether she and her husband ever decided to have kids, how their adorable ginger kitty is doing. But I hope she is well. And I will do what I can to help fight MS, because there is a hope that my aid will help her be cured.

In her honor, and for all you mothers out there, here are some photos from my family’s gardens.

Mother's Day039
Dad's Garden 06Mother's Day036 Mother's Day034 Mother's Day031
Mother's Day029 Mother's Day027 Dad's Garden 03 Mother's Day022 Mother's Day015

(all photos are clickable to see them bigger)