Monday, May 7, 2007

Without A Tail

Blue Mouse 03
The mouse is gone! Why is the mouse gone?

Cats, it seems, can play with anything. String, toy mice, even just the mouse tail when the mouse itself has gone missing.

So what’s wrong with us? What’s the difference with people that we can’t amuse ourselves as easily?

It seems that we always want more. A bigger TV, a better stereo, a faster car… What we really need, however, is to sit down and enjoy the little things.

Blue Mouse 04
Is the mouse over here under the spinning wheel?

We need to play more, to see what’s around us.

Now, I hadn’t planned this type of a blog post for today. In fact, I hadn’t planned anything about today’s post at all, which is why I didn’t write it earlier. But over my lunch break I decided to walk for food (yeah, it was fast food, but it was small portions so I don’t feel bad) instead of driving. I work in an area that has a lot of retail stores and car mechanics, so it wasn’t the nicest scenery. But the act of walking made me think about how seldom we do just that.

Whether it’s roses or skyscrapers, we need to look around and take in the sights more. We need to slow down, to appreciate the moments we have here, on Earth, with our loved ones.

Blue Mouse 05
Found it, Mom!

We need to pause, and play with a mouse.